AF Fitness Calculator

As described in AFI 36-2905 it is every Airman’s responsibility to be physically fit. As an Airman myself I believe that being fit allows us to properly support the Air Force mission and defend our country. An active lifestyle will increase productivity, optimize health, and decrease absenteeism while maintaining a higher level of readiness.


TickerIO is a free, minimalistic app to quickly display local and Zulu (military) time, as well as the Julian date. In future updates, we are planning to add other features.

Our Volunteer Projects

Ramstein Dorms

As described in AFI 36-2905 it is every Airman’s responsibility to be Ramstein Dorms provides Ramstein AB and Kapaun AS dorm residents with a convenient and reliable method to contact the DRC, submit work orders, and be up-to-date with any dorm related issues. One of the problems that we are facing is that airmen are not reporting dorms issues to the DRC in a timely manner, by providing this app, airmen will be able to describe their problem with a push of a button.

DSN Europe

DSN phone numbers are part of our everyday life as military members. Sometimes not having access to the right conversion outside of the office can be very frustrating. With DSN Europe you can dial a DSN number right from your cell phone and our algorithm will make the necessary conversion to a commercial phone number.

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