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This is my third AF fitness app to download and I have to say finally an app that hits the nail on the head.

First, you get to create your profile, so you don’t have to keep putting in your age and gender. Second, you can keep track of actual test and practice test. It sets them apart from one another for easy comparisons. Third, the simulator gives you the quick standards (min/max) you need to know.

Thanks to the creator for thinking about the everyday Airman. Well done. Worth the measly 99 cents and I’d gladly support a fellow Airman that took the time to make test tracking easier.

Also, I knew by seeing other reviews and the developer’s responses, he/she is looking to make this app the best it can be. It’s the small things.


5 stars - AF Fitness Calculator

Fantastic tool
This has been a great app to use. Easy to use interface. My favorite feature of this app is that not only does it keep a log of my PT tests, I can get that from AFFMS, but I can use it to keep a log of mock tests. This lets me easily view my progress.


5 stars - DSN EUROPE

Must have app
If you’re new to Europe or lived here a while, you need this! It takes the guess work out of calling DSN numbers and saves time by cutting the numbers you have to type in half. 5/5 would download again!

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