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AF Fitness Calculator


AF Fitness Calculator

As described in AFI 36-2905 it is every Airman's responsibility to be physically fit. As an Airman myself I believe that being fit allows us to properly support the Air Force mission and defend our country. An active lifestyle will increase productivity, optimize health, and decrease absenteeism while maintaining a higher level of readiness.


* USAF Fitness Assesment Calculator
* Walk test calculator.
* Airman has the ability to exempt any of the components(Not available for the Walk Test).
* Altitude Calculations (Coming Soon)
* Fitness Report
* Save unlimited interactive Official or Practice Test.
* Fitness Reminder (BETA)
* this feature will provide custom reminder alert before next fitness assessment.
* Fitness Simulator
* Shows what is the Minimum and Maximum passing score for each age and gender group.
* Profile
* Save all your information securely on your device.
* Shows your last test score and when your next test would be.

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